US Wheat Production Lowest in Recorded History
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Wyoming and Hawai’i Open Conference Play on Saturday
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The Wyoming Cowboys won’t appreciate today’s edition of the Joke of the Day!

"Insist on yourself; never imitate... Every great man is unique."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 -- 1882)

Wyoming’s cities and towns are sharing $105 million allocated by the Wyoming Legislature during the current two year budget cycle. The cities and towns say they need the money to stay afloat. Legislators say they have to make up a funding shortfall in the next budget caused by the decline in the energy industry.   Should the Legislature allocate the same money in the next state budget?

The head of Peabody Energy is calling for a two year moratorium on retiring coal plants. Power companies have been shutting down coal plants because it is cheaper to replace them with facilities that use natural gas. Another reason is the regulations that limit the amount of air pollution coal plants can release.   Should power companies stop closing coal fired power plants?

(WyomingNetwork does NOT represent this as a scientific poll.)
President Trump agreed to a Democratic plan to pay for relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and raise the debt ceiling. Many Republicans objected to that, and Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi voted against the bill. Senator John Barrasso voted in favor.   Do you support the President’s decision to side with the Democrats?

Yes, President Trump made the right decision

No, President Trump made the wrong decision

Planning for a wind farm that could hold as much as 1,000 turbines is underway near Rawlins. The power company plans to sell the electricity generated to California. However, recent advances in solar power technology mean that California could get all the power it needs from solar, instead of the wind farm.   Should Wyoming shift its focus from encouraging the development of wind farms to solar power?

Yes, emphasize solar power

No, focus on Wyoming’s abundant wind


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